Arctic Point, Gold Mountain, Bertha Peak, Delamar Mountain, Little Bear Peak

24 September 1966

By: Roger Mitchell

Leader: Roger Mitchell
Asst.: Linda Frost

A wide variety of eager hikers met at Holcomb Valley Campground for two days of peak bagging. After bagging several "high points" on Arctic Point, we returned to camp to pick up late comers and then proceeded to Saragossa Spring where the ascent of Gold Mountain began. On the summit, the Van Allen family presented Dave Tygell with a coffee cake to celebrate his 100th peak. Back to camp for lunch and then on to Bertha, Delamar, and Little Bear, where the Akawies, Shirley and Dick, obtained their 100th peaks. The first day was to end with a campfire talk on the history of Holcomb Valley, but everyone, including the speaker, was having too much fun for such academic pursuits.

(Editor's Note: The speaker (RM) not only gave a talk of extreme interest, but also ably answered many questions from an enthusiastic campfire crowd.)

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