Eagle Peak, Breckenridge Mountain, Liebel Mountain, Bald Eagle Peak

8-9 October 1966

By: Steve Molnar

Leader: Steve Molnar

This joint trip of HPS, Camera Section, and Kern-Kaweah Chapter was attended by 22 members, 16 Angeles and 6 K-K. Old maps and local information indicated the shortest route to Eagle Peak. After two hours and 1500 feet, Eagle appeared far to the right. All but four members returned to the cars. The four climbers reached the summit just as one of the other members came up a rough 4WD road. A ranch owner had furnished a key and instructions for this easier access to Eagle. However, it is not a regular drive up, as the 4WD vehicle was on 212° for the last mile.

We by-passed Breckenridge, as it has a paved road to the summit. Sunday we climbed Liebel Mountain near Saddle Springs Campground before Bald Eagle. Bald Eagle is brushy and rock (costing the leader his shirt), but provided a fitting end to an enjoyable exploratory week-end.

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