Sugarloaf Mountain, Onyx Peak #1

23 October 1966

By: Joyce Van Allen

Leader: Les Reid
Asst.: Joyce Van Allen

Lately, it seems as if almost every schedule trip has at least one person obtaining 100 peak emblem status or qualifying for a 200 peak bar. This trip was no exception, as Carol Akawie made her 100th peak accompanied by 52 well-wishers.

After meeting at Barton Flats Ranger Station, we caravanned (almost) on time to Wildhorse Meadow. The road from Rte. 38 up Lightning Gulch is in excellent condition and is possible for any passenger car. A good trail leads to the summit where excellent view of San Gorgonio, the ridge, and the whole Big Bear area are excellent. Lunch on the summit was supplemented by a celebration cake and various other goodies carried by Dick Akawie. Something was apparent from the start - after all, how many people carry a Kelty on Sugarloaf? (Except, of course, chow-hound Lew Hill.)

An early return to the cars let many people make the trip to Onyx Peak before starting home. After Onyx, 14 people headed for Oak Glen (to pick up a supply of apples and raw cider) as a way-stop to the main objective of San Gorgonio Inn. Even though we had dwindled by one more by the time we reached the Inn, the hostess greeted our "13 come-as-you-are-group" with a shocked look. With an exhausted waitress and a happy cashier, we parted with regret after one of our most memorable celebrations.

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