Mount Baden-Powell, Ross Mountain

6 November 1966

By: Lewis M. Hill

Ross (Over Baden-Powell)

Leader: Lew Hill
Asst.: Jim Van Allen

As fog and low clouds came sweeping through Vincent Gap, two dozen muffled figures disappeared up the trail to Baden-Powell. Two to two and one-half hours later, the near side of Baden-Powell looked like someone had spread crumbs and snowbirds, cardinals, jays, and other assorted birds had stopped to feed; in reality, the HPS had arrived without winter plumage. It became necessary at this time for several birds (for various reasons) to fly south via Los Angeles.

Continuing along the ridge, the remaining number - with frequent stops to keep in touch - mushed on. At times, because of thick fog, we left the ground. This was to climb over or around the stuff; in fact, when the peak was reached, we left a register at 7553', is considerably higher than the topos list Ross.

After a lunch with no view at all, we headed for the ridge to re-climb Baden-Powell. As the temperature dropped we ascended, stopping frequently for air and to keep bunched so as not to lose anyone. The leader kept a machete handy for fog when it got too thick.

Soon we began to notice a rare Southern California phenomenon - ice. It was forming on us, the trees, and all exposed surfaces. Our meteorologist explained that the fog, on coming in contact with a colder surface, was forming ice. Is he right?

Everybody arrived back at Vincent Gap safely, but wondering if it hadn't all been a dream; after all - floating vapors, silver encrusted eyelashes, sugar coated tress, and two quarts of water?

(Editor's Note: From where I was walking, the clouds were so low I couldn't see all that fog the leader got into.)

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