Mount Emma, Old Mount Emma, Bare Mountain

14 January 1967

By: Wally Henry

Leader: Wally Henry
Asst.: Jeanne Henry

Fifty-one 100 Peakers and "Y's" Hikers met at the newly opened Mt. Emma Road and Angeles Forest Highway Junction for this joint trip of the HPS and Antelope Valley YMCA "Y's" Hikers Club.

It was a beautiful day and soon all 51 were on top of Emma admiring the view of Antelope Valley. On to Old Emma over the conventional fire break route, then back to the cars via a trailless cross country jaunt with lunch.

A 14-mile car caravan brought us one mile short of the planned trailhead. A winter storm had closed the road at one of the stream crossings. Undaunted, 23 of our heroes took an unscouted route to the top of Bare Mountain and all were back at the cars by 4:30 p.m.

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