Cleghorn Mountain, Cajon Mountain, Sugarpine Mountain, Monument Peak #2

25 March 1967

By: Larry Salmon, Lewis Mitchell Hill

Recipe for a Drive-up
by Larry Salmon

Take six highly seasoned mountain drivers
Add 25 firm (they must be firm) passengers
Blend well in six assorted jeeps and Volkswagens
Build a road or, if it has already been built, prepare in the following manner:

    Use the 25 firm passengers to remove all boulders from the road; they can also help to shovel away slides, push vehicles out of mud, and moan when the ruts are deep.
Stew the whole mess for 4 1/2 hours, adding 14 miles of driving (?), and occasionally basting with about four miles of hiking.
Serve at mild mountain temperature in a Sugarpine and Cajon casserole.
Serves two drive-ups for thirty people.

That was the afternoon of March 25. The morning's activity was devoted to an uneventful climb of Cleghorn. Thirty-five participated in that climb; five chickened out when warned by the leader that the road to the other peaks had been rather badly treated by recent rainstorms.

Unscheduled, but able, assistance was given by Don McLellan and Lew Hill. Everybody agreed that this unusual trip was a worthwhile experience. However, the recipe is only recommended for those with cast iron stomachs.

Leader: Larry Salmon
by Lewis Mitchell Hill

What is a mountain without any sugar pines? What is a road without tracks? Where is a leader dauntless with shovel, compass, and map leading us onward and upward?

A mountain without sugar pines is called Sugarpine in the San Bernardino Mountains. A road without tracks is one where Hundred Peaks members have not yet been. A leader dauntless with shovel, compass and map is Mr. L. Salmon leading the HPS on his trip to Cleghorn, Cajon, Sugarpine, and Monument.

Cleghorn was the upward by that most famous of routes - a fire break. Cajon, Sugarpine and not Monument were the onward part of the trip.

Many of us felt that the Hundred Peaks emblem has been misrepresented. It should be crossed shovels against a firebreak.

In conclusion, I feel that the trip was very successful and should Mr. Salmon again lead a trip, I will surely be there - with a shovel.

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