Mount Hawkins, Throop Peak, Mount Burnham, Mount Baden-Powell

20 July 1970

By: John VanSickle

Leaders: John VanSickle, Elmer L. Cain

All went well in spite of the fact that the leader couldn't find the starting point of the hike at Little Jimmy Campground, scouted just four days prior. So the hike started at the dirt road to Little Jimmy. The hike was uneventful until the end at Vincent Gap where a few of the hikers, leader and assistant leader excluded, saw Marlon Brando and his children.

One participant of the hike turned back at Throop Peak, due to leg cramps, and went out the trail to Dawson Saddle and then hitched a ride to his car. Two other hikers accompanied him.

Several people commented that the pace of the hike was well regulated, for which I was thankful. However, in trying to uphold true Sierra Club leadership tradition, the leader assured everyone that the pace would have been faster if the leader had been in better shape.

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