Iron Mountain #1


By: Sam Fink

A letter from Sam Fink, 1965:

A few years ago some climbs of Iron Mtn. #1 were made from the East Fork of the San Gabriel River, by the SW ridge, Allison mine, or the west ridge.

During this period there was a prison camp, just above Camp Bonita. On Sierra Club trips, the Warden preferred not to have the automobiles left below the prison camp, which might encourage prisoners to attempt escape by use of the cars.

Therefore, he was cooperative and helpful, unlocking the gates and taking us through with the automobiles, and back in the rear area, to prevent escape possibility. However, I recall one trip when we got down to the prison camp and awakened the Warden to unlock the gate to let us out at 2:30 a.m., - he wasn't too happy about it. I am sure he was at a loss to understand why anyone would take a trip like that just to enjoy the mountains. It was a little hard to explain, but he did let us out of the camp just the same.

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