Smith Mountain


By: Patty Kline

This is was the day I had been waiting for, my Hundredth Peak! This was a private trip. The one I had planned for (Pacifico) was cancelled because of rock slides. Ten people joined me in the celebration. We got on top of Smith (5111 feet) after 3.5 miles and 1800 feet of gain, well before Noon. Stag and Nami Brown brought Champagne and Brandy. Betty Snow brought chocolate covered strawberries Louis, our Editor, brought an unknown quantity of booze. All in all, we had 11 people consuming seven bottles. Craig was the "official" photographer. He recorded my first step on the peak.

After "lunch", when we were two thirds of the way down, Mike Sandford came walking up to say hello. We celebrated back at the cars with more to drink and cat that Mike brought.

Thank you, everyone, for making my Emblem climb a success.

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