Eagle Rest Peak


By: Luella Martin

Leaders: Bob Wright, Carlton Shay, Luella Martin

By 7:25AM, twenty-one hikers scrambled down the embankment of the Mill Potrero Road onto the East fork of San Emgidio Creek. Kathy Bantz caught up with us in a short time.

I found a use trail on the right side of the canyon facing downstream. Coming back, Bob led us up the right side going upstream all the way back to the cars. His is the better route. Once we reached the fence crossing in the main canyon, the roadbed trail becomes indistinct. Going down we went through some big sagebrush. Coming back, Bob led up the streambed which was better than fighting the brush.

When we arrived back at the ridge going up Eagle Rest, I began to feel very tired. I turned over the lead to Carlton Shay. Bob Wright continued as sweep and I continued as a very slow participant. Fortunately, there were a couple of others who were equally tired, so I didn't feel like I was hurting the group by my lack of energy. Coming back from a long illness is slow.

The summit area of Eagle Rest is very dramatic. It drops off steeply toward the Central Valley. It is made of conglomerate rock turned on its side. The San Andreas fault passes by where we parked our cars. Faulting is in evidence all along San Emigdio Creek. We ate lunch on the summit.

Eagle Rest was Shirley Akawie's List Finisher for the second time. No goodies for lunch, she said that it would be a tailgate affair. As we were eating lunch on the summit, Frank Goodykoontz, Mike Fredette, Eleanor Carter, and Bill Lein joined us. They had come over from Antimony. The two groups joined together for the hike back to the cars. Once we were back in the canyon Bob Wright took the lead. I swept.

The canyon was lovely in the afternoon with light filtering through the valley fog. The cottonwoods were just beginning to turn. We crossed a couple of meadows-wet but nice.

We arrived back at the cars at 4:30PM. Dick and Shirley Akawie broke out the champagne and apple juice, blue corn chips, cheese, etc. It was a good finish to a great day. Shirley's party was great. I appreciated the help of both Carlton and Bob, when I wasn't at my best. Thanks!

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