Rosa Point


By: Luella Martin

Leaders: Luella Martin, David Eisenberg

I planned a 5:45 start; however, at 5:40 Linda Avila walked up, her car was stuck in the sand. Pete Doggit had a tow line and a large 4X4 so by 6:00 we were on the way.

Fourteen started across the desert toward the mouth of Palo Verde Canyon. We hiked up Palo Verde Cyn for about 1/3 mile to a duck on the west side of the canyon. We found the use trail and followed it up the west side of Palo Verde Cyn to a saddle beyond the falls of Palo Verde. Here, the route splits, at Carlton Shay's recommendation, we dropped down into Palo Verde and immediately exited out to the east side. We followed a faint to good use trail to just short of the summit of Rosa. All fourteen were on Rosa by 11:00. We ate lunch and enjoyed the old register. We started back the same way around 11:45. All were back to the cars by 5:00.

When we got back to the cars, Erich and I discovered that his truck had a dead battery. Mike Fredette jumped Erich's truck, and we were on the way home.

I appreciated David's assist, Mike's cholla forks and his jump of Erich's truck, and Carlton Shay & Evan Samuelson's route advice.

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