Queen Mountain, Quail Mountain


By: Asher Waxman

Leaders: Asher Waxman, Minor White

In planning this trip I decided to reverse the typical HPS procedure of doing the more difficult peak(s) Saturday, which usually requires a very early meeting, which means either getting up painfully early or leaving Fri pm. Instead, with Minor's agreement, we set our Sat meeting time at 10am at Quail Springs Picnic Area, whence we immediately proceeded to jumbo Rocks Campground & claimed our campsites. Then we went on & climbed Queen (6 mi, 1500') in a brilliantly sunny late morning. Some of us climbed the 3rd classy left side, the rest swung around to the right for the usual(?) finish. Moving at a moderate pace we yet arrived back at our cars so early & the afternoon was so superb, we all decided to go on & do Lost Horse Mtn, not on our original agenda, but "needed" by most of us.

Back at jumbo Rocks it got windy & cool, probably in the low 50's. For Artur Cezar Benvenuto, an exchange student from Brasilia, it was the coldest he'd ever been.

Sunday, when we gathered at 7:30 am (again at Quail Springs), we were joined by Leslie Metcalfe & Laura Webb. Overcast & constant light drizzle, not cold. Good cheer reigned.

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