Pilot Knob, Owens Peak, Five Fingers


By: Barbara Cohen

Leaders: Brabara Cohen, Frank Goodykoontz

Nineteen VERY determined hikers showed up at 6am to climb Pilot Knob on a hot, muggy (and thankfully) overcast day. we took the route that Alan Coles had led last October and according to the register, no one else had visited since then. Josephine Stone, whose property we had to cross, finally okayed my second request for permission on the Thursday before the hike-so we were legal. We all made it to the top in a little over four hours and considering the weather, we were thrilled to be well on the way down by one o'clock. At the bottom, I collected $1 from everyone as a 'donation' to the Stone family. About this time, it started to rain and we were happy to be off the slippery rocks before conditions got worse.

Back at the campground, we were greeted by Bill T. and Pat Russell, who were planning to do Owens with us on Sunday. They had to leave due to threatening weather and no tent. Dave Eisenberg also showed up to do Onyx with the Fickles on Sunday, as it was to be Luella's second list finish. Congratulations, Luella.

Eleven of us went to the Homestead Restaurant for dinner. The food was excellent, the portions were abundant, and it was difficult waddling back to the cars!

Sunday, nine hikers met at 7am to climb Owens. We drove to the end and got to the top in two hours, enjoyed the terrific view for a while before heading down to do Aquila. In the heat of the day, six of us were slogging up the endless scree, wondering when the last time was that we had so much fun. But the peak was worth it, especially running down the scree to the welcome cars.

Having achieved all three peaks despite questionable weather made it a successful trip. Thanks to Carleton Shay for his assistance and to Frank G. for his encouragement and confidence.

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