Iron Mountain #1


By: Bill T. Russell

Leaders: Bill T. Russell, Carleton Shay

The 19th annual routebagger's adventure was scheduled to start with the ascent of mighty Mt. Harwood, followed by a hike over Baldy, then along the San Antonio Ridge to Iron and a descent via the South Ridge. However, the heavy snow on Baldy made this inadvisable, so we climbed up and down the South Ridge instead. We left the East Fork roadhead at 0700, took 30 minutes for lunch, and reached the top at 1315. Dan Rollins led us up the final hill for his 25th peak and HPS membership qualification. The view east along the San Antonio Ridge showed the wisdom of not attempting that route: there was much snow on the north side and in the rocks and trees between Iron and the 3rd class notches. Clouds were above us and below us and the air was cool. We started down at 1330 and reached the cars at 1730 to end a fine outing with excellent people and great hiking weather. Participants were: Del Beaudoin, Georgina Bums, Dan Rollins, Pat Russell, Bill T. Russell, and Carleton Shay.

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