Mount Wilson, Mount Harvard


By: Ron Young

Leaders: Ron Young, George Schroedter

Hikers began to congregate at 8 am for the 5th annual Nilsson Young (Not a TV rating service) Mothers' Day climb of Mt. Wilson. However, this year we were without the company of Eivor who had emergency surgery the previous week. George Schroedter agreed to fill in and our group of 15 started down the road to the stream. It was a pleasantly cool day for hiking and the front of the group reached the summit plateau in 3 hours and 20 minutes. After 45 minutes of relaxing by the snack bar, we started down the trail from the parking lot. George wanted to climb Harvard, so he led the group up the road to what is left of the summit (couldn't find the register) and then down the ridge to the road and the trail along the ridge to the Upper Winter Creek Trail. Two of the group elected to return from Wilson via the ascent route due to warnings of poison oak along the Upper Winter Creek Trail. The last of the group arrived at the Chantry Flats parking lot at 3:50 pm to complete a pleasant loop trip. Thanks to George for a competent assist.

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