Mount Baden-Powell


By: Michael Sanford

Leaders: Michael Sandford, Dotty Sandford

After five years, I have finally become "legal" to lead hikes. This was my check-off hike and thanks to Dotty, I somehow passed.

The day was perfect as we met at the carpool point in La Cañada. We had a total of 27 people on the hike and all made the party at the top. Charlotte Feitshans and Rodger Maxwell finished their 100th Peak so we had to have a party. To celebrate was Charlotte's daughter Ceci and Ceci's boyfriend, Guido, who both came in from Italy, two sons, Erick and Mathew, and girlfriend, Christine. She had her entire routing section.

Other notables were: Karen Stewart, Heather McNaught, Ben Pavon, Donica Wood, Laura Webb, Dorothy Danziger, Dan Skaglund, Lise Belke, Bruce Hemphill, Terry Caplenor, Dan Hall, Angela Colicehio, Jerry Balan, Tim McGlady, Sandy and Larry Jannotti, John Deel, Trudy Hanzmann, and Aonna Lee. Many thanks to everyone for the good turnout to help celebrate and join me on becoming a leader.

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