Rabbit Peak #1, Iron Mountain #3, Granite Mountain #1, Round Top


By: Leora Jones

Leaders: Ron & Leora Jones

Ron and I camped at the Mt. Pacifico Campground Friday night in the cool, clean air. We met 14 people at 7:30 am at Mill Creek Summit. Everyone caravanned to the Monte Cristo campground and up the dirt road approximately 1/2 mile to the small parking area on the left. After consolidating into 3 vehicles, all 16 of us drove to the usual starting point, at which there is extremely limited parking, for Rabbit and Iron. There were a few non-club members present and Super Frip HPS/Sierra Club applications were given to them.

This was advertised as a beginner's trip and we were delighted to have several join us. We missed the power line fire break and ended up scrambling up some loose dirt to Rabbit, but all made it in fine shape. We were back to the intersection and on our way to Iron #3 in no time. After returning to the cars, everyone drove to the Monte Cristo Campground and we enjoyed a potluck picnic lunch in the shade of some mighty oaks and a cool mountain breeze.

Shortly after 1 pm, we carpooled up to Round Top, surprising a female sun bather, her boyfriend, and their dog. Then back 2 miles to the trailhead for Granite #1. We had several people with evening commitments that night including the Hollywood Bowl and the USC game. They rushed off, other enjoyed more of that mountain breeze before heading home.

Thanks to all participants for being positive in spirit and fun to hike with. They included J Holshuh, Sue Leverton, Pat Acheson, John Mallory, Sue Gunn, Bob Northring, Janet Barter, Norma & Ted Ehrlich, Alex Leveff, Olga De La Garza, Steve Riejie, R Folk, and Bill Dewey.

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