Pacifico Mountain, Round Top, Granite Mountain #1, Rabbit Peak #1


By: Luella Fickle

Leaders: Luella Fickle, Gordon Lindberg

By the time that Gordon, Erich, Bev, and I arrived at La Cañada, there were several cars. Oh my! What a large group for a 7 am meeting. There were two BPS hikes meeting at 7 am: Bobcat was leading Ross, Gordon and my share was 17 hikers. I gave directions to Monte Cristo Campground and we left by 7:03 am. We signed in at Monte Cristo and left Brent Washburn's van there for the drivers. We arrived before 8:30 am at Mill Creek summit where we started the hike to Pacifico up the Pacific Crest Trail. We passed several hunters on the way to Pacifico. It was the day before the end of deer hunting season in the Angeles. After signing in at Pacifico, we proceeded down a dirt road toward Round Top. We passed several people on bicycles. A tandem club was having an outing. We had a late lunch on Round Top. Frank Atkin located the can when he disappeared to take a leak. Somebody did a good job of hiking it under an oak bush. From Round Top, we proceeded down the firebreak to Rabbit. One hiker had sprained his ankle six weeks before and was hurting from the downhill, another had knee problems. Kathy Price loaned her an Ace Bandage. With about an hour of daylight, we signed in on Rabbit. We were back to Brent's van around 4:50 pm. The drivers rode back up to Mill Creek Summit to get the other cars. Here, Brent's Van acted up and had to be pushed. When he got back to Monte Cristo, it died again. Gordon, Bev, Erich, and I waited for Brent's car to cool down. When it did, he was able to start it.

Thanks to the drivers and to Gordon for his always willing and cheerful assistance.

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