Cole Point, Mount Emma, Old Mount Emma


By: Don Lum

Leaders: Don Lum, Bobcat Thompson

We had seventeen hikers signed in for the hike at 8 am. A few joined us because of a last minute hike cancellation. After making the car pool arrangement, the individual cars headed for Mill Creek Summit for a short break. We then caravanned to the junction of Angeles Forest Highway and Aliso Road, the starting point to Cole Point.

Somewhere along the way, we had lost one of our cars. We waited a few minutes, then started the hike at 9:20 am. Shortly after this, our lost party showed up and dashed up the hill to join us. The path I had selected was the steepest and the most direct. Everyone was warned bout the path and cross-country ,,errain, but everyone stuck it out with the last person making it up in 80 minutes without any problems. What a group!

After returning to our cars, some decided to call it a day. Our number of hikers dropped to eleven. We then drove over to Mt Emma Road, the starting point to Mt Emma. A car shuttle was set up. Everyone hiked to the top of Mt Emma under the warm sun with a cool intermittent breeze which I had arranged. We had lunch here and enjoyed the great view of the rolling hills and the desert. The register was found to have been moved about fifty feet from the previous location within the last week. We then hiked on to Old Mt Emma via the rollercoaster firebreak and arrived at 2:40 pm. A new notebook was added to the register to the two that were already full. To finish the hike, we hiked ,lown to a dirt road, then on to Old _~mma Road to our waiting cars. The recent rain kept the dust down and improved grips for our lugs. The hike was finished by 3:30 pm. Those who hiked it to the end were happy to have bagged three peaks that day. For the Bobcat, he got two new Pathfinder peaks.

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