Barley Flats, Mount Lawler, Strawberry Peak


By: Luella Fickle

Leaders: Luella Fickle, Darrell Lee

When Erich and I arrived at the La Cañada Carpool Point, David Eisenberg was right ahead of us. He greeted us with a, "I'd like to bail out, I feel sick." Darrell Lee was standing there and said that he was a provisional "I" so, we sent David to the doctor and Darrell did a fine job of sweeping.

Everybody arrived at Redbox and signed in. There were nine. The road out to Barley Flats is in need of brushcutting. It's barely a person wide in places. After a short stay at Barley Flats, (flies) we continued up the firebreak from Barley Flats to Mt Lawler. Another short stay, more flies. We then descended the firebreak to the Lawler/Strawberry saddle and ascended to Strawberry for a short lunch. Flies. On the way down Strawberry, a nice breeze came up and relieved the fly situation. The only person prepared was Barbara Eyerly who had a fly netting hat. (I want one!!) She loaned it to Dorothy Pallas who got a bite that swelled up.

Thanks to Darell's sweeping and to the fine group, we had a nice hike on a very flowery day.

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