Iron Mountain #1, Tehachapi Mountain, Double Mountain, Black Mountain #3


By: Ruth Lee Dobos

Big Bad Iron

We started out late in the afternoon to climb Big Iron. It was hot-90o F. Really too hot to climb Big Iron, but I had to do it to finish the list. We spent the night near the Allison Saddle where Peter Doggett joined us. The next day, we made the peak by noon and packed out before dark.

Home again, unpack/pack, shower and eat, and with four hours sleep, we drove to Tehachapi to meet the group and climb the last three peaks I needed the second time.

Thirteen of us met at 7 am on Saturday, September 26, at the Tehachapi Mountain Campground. Led by Charlie Knapke and Frank Goodykoontz, we climbed Tehachapi and Double and were back at the campground by noon. The morning was fairly cool and pleasant among the pines of these two peaks. However, the afternoon hike of Black #3 was quite hot and as any of you know who have climbed this peak, we had little shade along the way. We had a party on top to celebrate my second list finishing, the sixth woman in the history of the HPS to finish the second time, #26.

Third time? I say: probably never again. However, I do have a lot of them the third time...

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