San Ysidro Mountain, The Thimble


By: Peter Doggett

On Sunday, Roxana Lewis and I "hiked-off" the soreness inflicted Saturday on Rosa Pt. by climbing San Ysidro Mtn & The Thimble. Rosa Pt. was a successful trip of Alan Coles & Frank Barely-Making-It Goodykoontz.

After conquering San Ysidro Mtn, we climbed the Thimble which the Topo map has at 5779. After a few aborted attempts, we finally found a route that could be climbed without ropes or flubber, by scaling a true third class 25 foot chimney on the SE face at about 5700'. The view from the summit was excellent, the third-class moves were only slightly more difficult than Five Fingers or Antsell Rock, and this peak only adds about 1 mile, 300' of gain, and 75 minutes to the San Ysidro Mtn. hike.

Also, the summit plateau has several thousand square feet of level rock so a large HPS group could camp on the summit. Both of us feel that the Thimble should be added to the HPS List, but perhaps the Thimble's best attribute is its nickname: "Desert Princess Nipple!"

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