Granite Peaks, Tip Top Mountain, Mineral Mountain


By: George Schroedter

Leaders: Carleton Shay, George Schroedter

It was the first day of hunting season and there were hunters behind every bush. There were thirteen participants, was this to be a bad day'? Not at all. The weather was perfect for hiking, and we completed three nice ascents, one by the expediency of driveup. First was Granite, via the standard route, made about two miles longer by the new fence and new road's end. We were on top for a pleasant lunch, and returned to the cars in 5 hrs and 15 min. Then we drove to the base of Tip Top, consolidated the group into three 4WDs and conquered that one. Back to the cars, drive to Mineral, trudge a few hundred feet up for that one and back in exactly one hour. Not bad for the first day of hunting season. The participants were Bart Bartlow, John Connelly, Beo Crookham, Theresia Glover, Jerry and Nancy Keating, Jean Means, Virgil Popescu, Hanna Shay, Betty Sterrett and Wait Whisman.

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