Mount Williamson


By: Luella Fickle

Leaders: Luella & Erich Fickle

Nobody met us at the Pomona car pool point. We had invited BJ Fickle, Erich's sister, so we were three in our truck. My driving time estimate was off 5 minutes, it took one hour thirty-five minutes to arrive at the saddle 1/2mile west of the tunnels on Hwy 2, my alternate meeting place. There we were joined by Robert Mullens, David Eisenberg, and Sid Davis.

The shade on this route was appreciated on this warm, sunny Saturday. We climbed all three summits and eating lunch on the highest one to the northeast. Sid "San Jac" Davis told us about the trail ahead and HPS history. He's doing Williamson a lot, lately. But not the 600 + he has for San Jacinto. Terry Vossler caught up to us between the southwest summit and the middle summit. He'd underestimated the driving time to the trailhead. Erich placed a can on the southwest summit, lower than either the middle or northeast summits, but it is the named summit on the topo map. Robert Mullens wanted to go faster than the group on the way down, so he signed out on the way back at the southwest summit. David enlisted Terry as a new member of the Sierra Club. Terry got a free T-shirt. Welcome, Terry. Thanks to Erich for his driving and sweep.

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