Liebre Mountain


By: Charlotte Feitshans

On March 22,1998, thirteen people and eight dogs met for an early morning hike to Liebre Mt. We had with us 2 young people under the age of 18, and was the first time I had to get the proper consent forms filled out before we started. We took the lovely, forested route on the Pacific Crest Trail which starts near the old Ridge Route off highway N2. It was a beautiful day for hiking, cool yet sunny, breezy yet comfortable. The dogs romped and gamboled, happy to be on their own without fences or leashes.

Lunch was set under a large, spreading oak near the top of the mountain. Although one of the large limbs from the tree fell where the group was gathered while we were eating our lunch, no one was hurt or even hit by it.

Although most Sierra Club hikes do not include dogs, if you've never been on a K-9 hike, you might think of joining one sometime in the future. Its a wonderful display of the joy of freedom.

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