Road to Barley Flats

January 2003

By: George Wysup

Perhaps you have tried to get to Barley Flats via the road from Red Box that goes around the south side of Lawlor, following the power poles. You were probably repulsed by the thick brush.

Sandy Burnside and I passed this road on our return from Strawberry and noted extensive clipping action, so we investigated.

This road is now easily passable all the way to Barley, going basically class 1 all the way. There are some spots, where crossing gullies have washed out the retaining walls, that require a slight slowing of the pace. This would be a good K9 hike.

Evidence is that this road was clipped about last September to support work on the power line. The road will become choked again within a couple of years if not maintained, and it probably won't be.

Approx stats from Red Box: 6 miles r/t, 1000' gain, 3 1/2 hrs.

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