The following major revision of the HPS Bylaws was passed by vote of the HPS membership in December, 2000. The revision has not yet received the approval of the Angeles Chapter Executive Committee. Meanwhile, the text is included here as a convenient reference for interested members.

Presented here is an annotated version, with significant changes from the existing Bylaws noted by dashed red comments at the beginning of subparagraphs.

Section 1. Name, Organization, and Membership - Removes Section Meetings

1.1 Section Name - No change

The name of the Section is the Hundred Peaks Section of the Angeles Chapter of the Sierra Club.

1.2 Constitution - No change

The Section is constituted by action of the Executive Committee of the Angeles Chapter (the "Chapter") of the Sierra Club (the "Club") in accordance with and subject to the provisions of the Club Bylaws. The Section is an integral part of the Chapter and Club and is governed by their Bylaws. It is not a separate legal entity.

1.3 Purposes - No change

The purposes of the Section are to encourage its members to explore and enjoy the mountain ranges of Southern California and to become familiar with their scenic resources; and to stimulate interest in climbing these ranges; to preserve their forests, waters, wildlife, and wildernesses; to enlist public interest and cooperation in protecting them; and to foster among its members the purposes of the Club as stated in the Club Bylaws:

"To explore, enjoy, and protect the wild places of the earth; to practice and promote the responsible use of the earth’s ecosystems and resources; to educate and enlist humanity to protect and restore the quality of the natural and human environment; and to use all lawful means to carry out these objectives."

1.4 Membership

1. Subscribers - This subscriber language is new.

Anyone may subscribe to the Section newsletter at the same rates as Section members. Nonmembers who receive the Section newsletter shall be known as subscribers.

2. Members - Deletes membership insignia reference.

To join the Section an individual must:

1. Be a member of the Sierra Club.

2. Climb at least 25 peaks on the HPS Peak List.

3. Submit a list of qualifying peaks showing dates climbed to the Membership Chair.

4. Subscribe to the Section newsletter, The Lookout.

5. Receive Management Committee approval.

3. Active Members - Deletes reference to family members at one address

Only active members may vote or hold office. To remain an active member an individual must:

1. Continue Sierra Club membership in good standing.

2. Continue subscribing to The Lookout.

Where two or more Section members live at one address, only one subscription is needed for active membership. Active members shall be listed annually in the May issue of The Lookout.

4. Inactive Members - Formerly found in "Classes of Members"

Active members who fail to renew their subscription to The Lookout or their membership in the Sierra Club shall be known as inactive members. Their records shall be kept for five years. After five years former members will need to reapply to join the Section.

5. Honorary Members - By unanimous vote of Committee. May vote and hold office.

Honorary members may be selected by unanimous vote of the Management Committee. Such members shall receive a complimentary subscription to The Lookout, but shall not be eligible to vote or to hold office unless the requirements for active membership have otherwise been met. Honorary membership is intended only for individuals who have provided exceptional service to the Section.

Section 2. Elections - New Section. Eliminates special elections and recall elections.

Annual elections to fill positions on the Management Committee and to vote on ballot proposals shall be held in the fourth quarter.

2.1 Advance Notice - Collects scattered language into one place.

Advance notice to Section members shall be published in The Lookout of the following:

Their right to submit names for consideration by the Nominating Committee;

Their right to nominate candidates by petition; and

Their right to submit petitions for proposals to be placed on the ballot.

Candidates and proposals that will appear on the ballot shall be published in the November issue of The Lookout.

2.2 Candidates by Nomination - Deadline moved from August to the annual business meeting.

The Nominating Committee shall submit a list of nominees to the Management Committee at the annual business meeting, and may select candidates from among its own members. Nominees must be active members in good standing who consent; at least two more candidates shall be nominated than the number of positions to be filled.

2.3 Candidates by Petition - Eliminates receipt by Secretary as a requirement.

A petition signed by ten active Section members shall serve to nominate any active member in good standing who consents. Such petitions must be received by the Management Committee before the close of the the annual business meeting.

2.4 Ballot Proposals - 20 signatures on petition. Discusses proper form for ballot.

Ballot proposals may be added to the ballot as follows:

Peak additions and deletions shall follow the provisions of Bylaws Section 7; and

Amendments to the Bylaws shall follow the provisions of Bylaws Section 10.

Other ballot proposals within the province of the Section may be included in the ballot by majority vote of the Management Committee, or upon a petition to the Management Committee signed by at least twenty active Section members. All petitions covering ballot proposals shall set forth the proposals in the form of a question that may be answered by a simple "yes" or "no" vote.

2.5 Ballot Language - Collects info on ballot language and ballot order into one place.

Candidates for Management Committee shall be listed on the ballot in a sequence determined by lot, and ballots shall allow each Section member to vote for as many candidates as there are positions to be filled. Ballot proposals shall be listed in an order determined by the Elections Committee. Proposals shall be put to the members in proper form for ballot, accompanied by arguments for and against.

2.6 Ballot Mailing - Mail date; "Ballots with newsletter" is gone; votes to be secret.

The Elections Committee shall direct the preparation of ballots and the mailing of ballots to all active members, with such mailing to occur no later than November 10. Balloting shall be designed to ensure the secrecy of each member’s vote; under no circumstances shall materials to return with the ballot or entries to be made on the ballot be requested that may serve to identify the voter.

2.7 Ballot Counting - Uniform methods for candidates and proposals.

Only ballots received by the Elections Committee on or before December 1 shall be counted. The Elections Committee shall count the ballots before the December Management meeting and report the results to the Management Committee. Candidates who receive the highest number of votes for the number of positions to be filled shall be elected; ties shall be resolved by lot. A majority of members voting is required to pass all proposals. Returned ballots shall be sealed and retained by the Secretary for two months unless a longer period is directed by the Management Committee.

2.8 Election Results - Collects scattered information into one place.

1. Ballot proposals shall take effect immediately upon passage.

2. Candidates elected in the annual election shall assume office on January 1.

3. The Chapter Executive Committee and the Club shall be notified as soon as possible of the following:

The passage of any amendment to the Bylaws; and

The officer positions to be assumed by the winning candidates.

4. Election results for candidates and proposals shall be published as soon as possible in The Lookout.

Section 3. Management Committee - Former 2.7 Elections has been combined into 1.6.

3.1 Composition - No significant changes.

Subject to the powers of Section members as provided in these Bylaws, Section business shall be managed by a Management Committee of seven members. One member shall be the immediate Past Chair. The other members shall be elected annually. Elected Management Committee members shall take office on January 1 of the year following their election and shall serve for one year and until their successors have been elected and assume office. The Membership Chair and Conservation Chair, if not already members, shall be ex officio Management Committee members without vote.

3.2 Powers - No significant changes.

Only the Management Committee or those specifically authorized by it shall act in the name of the Section. The Management Committee may make rules and regulations for carrying out the policies and procedures established by these Bylaws. Section actions must be consistent with Club purposes and with the policies and directives of the Chapter and the Club. In disputes concerning Management Committee actions, the Chapter Executive Committee may determine the procedures to be followed.

3.3 Meeting Schedule - Cut surplus language. Bring in annual meetings.

The Management Committee shall normally conduct business at monthly Management meetings, at times and places the Management Committee specifies. Advance notice of such times and places shall be published in The Lookout. Special Management meetings may be called by the Chair, or any three Management Committee members, but only with at least seven-day notice unless notice is waived by all Committee members. The Management Committee may also schedule Section meetings for attendance by Section members, and may establish the manner of conduct and the times of such meetings. The following meetings are similar to Section meetings and shall be held as indicated:

1. An annual business meeting of the Section shall be held in September, at which the candidates for office and the proposals to appear on the annual ballot shall be finalized.

2. An annual banquet shall be held in January, at which the annual awards shall be presented.

3.4 Open Meetings - Unchanged.

Management Committee meetings shall be open to all Club members in good standing. In unusual circumstances the Management Committee may convene in executive session for discussion of sensitive issues, but shall take no vote except in open session.

3.5 Quorum - Add proxies. Cut surplus language.

A quorum for the conduct of business shall be a majority of the voting Management Committee members then in office. Committee members may deliver proxies to the Chair stating their votes on specific issues. A quorum may act without a formal meeting only when quick action is necessary or prior authorization has been granted, and any action so taken shall be reported to all Committee members as soon as possible and must be reaffirmed by the Management Committee at its next meeting.

3.6 Conduct of Meetings - Unchanged.

The Chair, or the Vice Chair in the absence of the Chair, shall conduct Management meetings. In the absence of the Chair and Vice Chair, Committee members shall select a temporary chair.

3.7 Vacancies - Loss of active membership is a resignation.

Loss of active membership in the Section shall constitute a resignation. Unexcused absence from three consecutive Management Committee meetings shall constitute a resignation if two-thirds of the remaining Management Committee members so vote. Vacancies shall be filled for the remainder of the unexpired term by majority vote of the remaining Management Committee members.

Section 4. Officers and Appointees

4.1 Selection of Officers - Add Program Chair as fifth officer; Sixth member At Large.

At a time prior to the annual banquet in January, the elected members of the Management Committee shall select from their number five officers: the Chair, Vice Chair, Secretary, Treasurer, and Program Chair. A sixth Committee member shall be designated At Large. Notification of officers shall be given to the Chapter Executive Committee and the Club, as required, during January.

4.2 Duties of Officers

1. Chair - Unchanged.

The Chair shall preside at all Section and Management meetings; enforce the Bylaws; call meetings as empowered or directed; appoint, with the consent of the Management Committee, all standing and special committees; exercise general supervision over Section affairs; and have such other powers as ordinarily accompany the office.

2. Vice Chair - Committee name change.

The Vice Chair shall, in the absence of the Chair, perform the duties of the Chair; shall chair the Outings and Safety Committee; and shall be a member of the Mountain Records Committee.

3. Secretary - Deep cuts in mandated administrative duties.

The Secretary shall record the minutes of any meeting at which business is conducted; maintain a record of those meetings for the most recent years; and maintain any written Section policies and administrative procedures.

4. Treasurer - Cut merchandise, inventory, and Membership Chair duties.

The Treasurer shall have custody of Section funds; keep accounting records; write checks under the direction of the Management Committee; submit financial reports as required; and submit an annual report to the Chapter Treasurer.

5. Program Chair - New position described. Replaces Social Programs Committee.

The Program Chair shall arrange programs and refreshments for meetings as required; plan and coordinate appropriate social activities; and submit writeups for programs and social events to the Chapter Schedule Editor.

4.3 Appointees - Replaces Conservation & Administrative committees with their chairs.

The Chair may, with the consent of the Management Committee, appoint persons to positions that may be necessary or desirable, among which shall be the ones listed below. Notification of appointees shall be given to the Chapter Executive Committee and the Club, as required, as soon as possible.

1. Conservation Chair - Formerly the Conservation Committee.

The Conservation Chair shall direct the conservation activities of the Section.

2. Newsletter Editor - Formerly the Administrative Committee.

The Newsletter Editor shall assemble and publish The Lookout.

3. Webmaster - Creates new appointee position.

The Webmaster shall manage the HPS Website in compliance with Chapter and Club policies.

4.4 Power to Change - Unchanged.

Management Committee members may exchange duties. The Management Committee may fill vacancies and replace appointees. Notice of any such change shall be given to the Chapter Executive Committee and the Club, as required, as soon as possible following such change.

Section 5. Committees - Appointees and special committees have been separated.

5.1 Designation of Committees - Removes an incredible amount of surplus language.

The Chair shall, with the consent of the Management Committee, appoint the chairs and members of all standing and special committees, except where otherwise specified in these Bylaws. Committee chairs shall regularly report to the Chair and the Management Committee.

5.2 Standing Committees - Chair made ex officio member of standing committees.

The Chair shall be an ex officio member of all standing committees, without vote. Standing committees shall not be dissolved, but the terms of their committee members shall expire with the term of the Management Committee which appointed them. The standing committees are listed below.

1. Membership Committee - Removes much surplus language.

The Membership Committee shall assist in recruiting new members and in encouraging participation in Club and Section activities. The Membership Chair shall review applications for Section membership and recognition of achievement, and recommend appropriate action to the Management Committee; and shall maintain an address list of active Section members and a list of holders of achievements.

2. Mountain Records Committee - Now mentions MRC optional website.

The Mountain Records Committee shall maintain data on routes and peaks of interest to the Section, and may publish descriptions in the form of peak guides and maps. Changes to peak guides and maps and changes in the published form of the Peak List require approval of the Management Committee. The committee may operate a separate website to display peak guides and maps and related material, in a manner that shall be determined from time to time by the Management Committee.

3. Outings and Safety Committee - Formerly Schedule, Leadership and Safety Committee.

The Outings and Safety Committee shall approve Section outings. The committee shall administer HPS and Chapter outings procedures with due regard for trip safety, leader qualifications, and leadership training. The Vice Chair shall chair the committee and serve as Outings Chair. If the Vice Chair does not meet the qualifications for Outings Chair as set forth in the HPS Outings Procedures, another qualified Section member shall be appointed Outings Chair.

5.3 Special Committees - Rewritten to specify dates, membership, and purpose.

The Chair may appoint special committees, with the consent of the Management Committee, for limited times and for specific purposes that are consistent with the purposes of the Club, the Chapter, and the Section. Among these special committees shall be the ones listed below.

1. Website Review Committee - New committee.

During January the Management Committee shall appoint a Website Review Committee. The HPS Webmaster may not serve on the Website Review Committee. The Website Review Committee shall review the HPS Website for compliance with Chapter and Club policies.

2. Nominating Committee - Date, membership, purpose.

Not later than May 15 the Management Committee shall appoint a Nominating Committee of at least three members. No Management Committee member may serve on the Nominating Committee. The Nominating Committee shall nominate a list of candidates for the annual election.

3. Elections Committee - Date, membership, purpose.

Not later than September 15 the Management Committee shall appoint an Elections Committee of at least three members. No candidate running for office may serve on the Elections Committee. The Elections Committee shall direct the annual election.

4. Awards Committee - General language.

At an appropriate time the Management Committee shall appoint an Awards Committee for the purpose of presenting recommendations for the annual awards.

Section 6. Finances

6.1 Receipt of Funds - Conforms to required language.

The Section may receive funds from the Chapter, in a manner specified by the Chapter Executive Committee. The Section may not assess nor collect dues from its members. Voluntary contributions may be accepted and expended for supplies, equipment, refreshments, prizes, or other expenses in a manner consistent with the policies of the Chapter and Club.

6.2 Subscriptions and Sales - Now numbered. Removes reference to fees.

Reasonable subscription rates for the Section newsletter shall be set from time to time by the Management Committee. The Section may sell Section merchandise, such as patches and pins, and such sales shall be accounted for and reported in the manner specified by the Chapter and Club.

6.3 Fund Raising - No significant change.

Consistent with the policies or instructions of the Chapter and Club, the Section may conduct fund raising and other activities which require members, as well as others, to pay a fee to participate.The Section may not raise money by direct mail appeals.

6.4 Funding for Outings - No significant change.

Section outings shall be conducted on an independent financial basis, unless they are net fund-raising activities authorized by the Management Committee and consistent with the policies or instructions of the Chapter and Club. Section funds shall not be used for outings unless derived from outings; however, the Management Committee may authorize the Treasurer to make advances for the purpose of outings.

6.5 Bank Accounts - No significant change. Removes reference to FSLIC.

The Management Committee may authorize checking and savings accounts at institutions insured by the FDIC and in the name "Hundred Peaks Section, Angeles Chapter of the Sierra Club," and regulate withdrawals. The Treasurer shall maintain checking and savings account statements and records. Either the Treasurer or the Chair may sign checks and withdrawal requests. Upon a change of officers, new signature cards shall be signed and presented promptly to the appropriate financial institutions before checks can be signed or withdrawals made by the new officers. No signatory shall sign a check made payable to himself or herself. The Section shall account for all Section funds to the Chapter.

6.6 Deposit of Funds - No significant change.

Unless otherwise specified by the Management Committee or the Chapter Executive Committee, money received by the Section shall be delivered to the Treasurer for deposit in Section accounts.

6.7 Delegation of Authority - Unchanged.

Subject to these Bylaws and the Club Bylaws, the Management Committee may delegate authority to Section committees and may authorize expenditures by Section committees, but the Management Committee shall retain responsibility and control. Any committee so authorized must provide a proper accounting to the Treasurer and Management Committee.

6.8 Prohibitions - Unchanged.

Neither the Section nor any entity thereof may borrow money or own real estate.

6.8 Fiscal Year - Unchanged.

The fiscal year of the Section shall coincide with the fiscal year of the Club.

Section 7. Peak List

7.1 Maintenance of List - No significant change.

The Section and its Mountain Records Committee shall maintain an HPS Peak List, which shall be published in the March issue of The Lookout if the List was changed during the preceding year.

7.2 Changes in List - No significant change.

Peak additions and deletions may only be made by a vote of the active members in the annual election. Changes in the details of the published Peak List, such as changes in altitudes, require approval by the Management Committee.

7.3 Ballot Proposals - Rewrites convoluted language.

Proposals for peak additions and deletions may be placed on the ballot in two ways:

1. The Management Committee may authorize such a proposal; or

2. A petition signed by at least twenty active members may direct such a proposal, if received by the Chair at least two weeks before the annual business meeting.

Any Section member may sponsor a written proposal to the Management Committee for peak additions or deletions at least two months before the annual business meeting. If the Committee decides against the proposal it shall notify the sponsor at least one month before that meeting.

7.4 Requirements for Peak Additions - Removes deletions and character language.

To be considered for addition to the Peak List a peak must meet the requirements listed below.

- Written with usage name as acceptable.

1. The peak must be named on a USGS topographic map or USFS map, or must have been officially named by the U.S. Board of Geographic Names, or must have a recognized usage name, or may be named, as determined by the Management Committee, in honor of an individual who has made outstanding lifetime leadership or service contributions to the HPS.

2. The peak must lie within Southern California, defined generally as south of the northern boundaries of San Bernardino, Kern, and San Luis Obispo Counties. In further detail:

From the Pacific Coast eastward along the Mexican Border to the 116º meridian (just east of the San Diego County line);

Northward on the 116º meridian to the 34½º parallel (through Apple Valley);

Westward on the 34½º parallel to the 117½º meridian (east of the Los Angeles County line);

Northward on the 117½º meridian to the San Bernardino/Inyo County line;

Westward on the San Bernardino, Kern, and San Luis Obispo County lines to the coast;

Southward along the coast to the Mexican Border.

3. Summit elevation must be at least 5000 feet as shown on the latest USGS topographic map.

- New rules for public access requirement.

4. Public access shall require no more than payment of small fees or obtaining simple permits.

5. The peak should have features that give it some character. Examples are good view, attractive climb, interesting history, or prominence of the immediate summit area.

6. The peak must have been led on a scheduled Section outing.

7.5 Temporary Suspension of Peak - Unsuspend and timing language added.

By majority vote the Management Committee may suspend a peak from the Peak List for six months, and may remove such suspension at any appropriate time. Suspension will cause a peak to be ignored in applications for list completion achievements. Suspended peaks may be counted toward the 100 or 200 peak achievements, at the option of the applicant.

Section 8. Achievement Recognition - New "counting rules" added at end.

Achievement recognition is awarded by the Management Committee to anyone who has been an active HPS member for the preceding six months and has completed the climbing and leading requirements listed below. Applicants must submit a list of peaks showing dates climbed to the Membership Chair. Various patches, pins, and other items approved by the Management Committee are available for sale to those who earn achievements. Certificates of achievement may be issued as appropriate.

1. The 100 Peaks Emblem is awarded for climbing 100 peaks on the List.

2. The 200 Peaks Emblem is awarded for climbing 200 peaks on the List.

3. List Completion is recognized for climbing all peaks on the List.

4. Multiple List Completion is recognized for climbing all peaks on the List multiple times.

5. The Pathfinder Emblem is awarded for climbing 100 peaks on the List by two different routes.

6. 100 Peak Leads is recognized for leaders who have led 100 peaks on the List.

7. 200 Peak Leads is recognized for leaders who have led 200 peaks on the List.

8. Leading the List is recognized for leaders who have led all peaks on the List.

9. Leading the List Multiple Times is recognized for leaders who have led the List multiple times.

For the leader achievements, being the Leader or Assistant Leader on a scheduled hike for at least half of the ascent is sufficient for the lead to be counted. For the non-completion achievements, peaks that were on the List at the time when climbed or led may be counted. For the completion achievements, all peaks on the List at the time of application are required, except for the multiple completion achievements; in these cases the requirement applies only to the most recent completion.

Section 9. Section Awards - Deletes requirement to maintain criteria for awards.

9.1 Annual Awards

The following awards shall be awarded every year at the annual banquet:

1. The R.S. Fink Service Award recognizes distinguished service to the Section.

2. The John Backus Leadership Award recognizes outstanding leadership on Section outings.

9.2 Special Awards - No significant change.

Special Awards may also be awarded at the annual banquet. They are given only as appropriate to recognize distinguished accomplishment in special areas, among which may be the following:

1. The Conservation Award recognizes outstanding contributions toward protecting and preserving the environment of the mountain areas of Southern California.

2. The Bill T Russell New Leader Award recognizes an outstanding new leader.

Section 10. Procedural Matters

10.1 Interpretation of Bylaws - No significant change.

The Management Committee shall interpret the Bylaws. Appeals from such decisions may be made to the Chapter Executive Committee. Procedures not covered by the Bylaws of the Section, the Chapter, or the Club shall follow Robert’s Rules of Order, Revised.

10.2 Amendments - Deletes mention of prior ExComm approval.

These Bylaws may be amended only by a majority vote of the Management Committee and of all mail ballots cast by active Section members in an annual or special election, followed by approval of the Chapter Executive Committee. Any provision of these Bylaws that conflicts with the Bylaws of the Chapter or Club shall be automatically repealed, and the Management Committee may adopt a temporary rule as necessary in such cases.

10.3 Notification of Amendments - No significant change.

If the Bylaws are amended the Section members shall be notified by publication or summary in the next issue of The Lookout following the vote. The Chapter Executive Committee shall be notified as soon as possible following such vote.

The Addendum is not part of the Bylaws. Suggested new language is printed here as a reference.


The Addendum is not part of the Bylaws. It contains material that may be useful for future reference.

A. Historical Language

A.1. Bill T Russell New Leader Award Added December 14, 1995

The Bill T Russell New Leader Award is to be given in recognition of an outstanding new leader (a leader who has completed LTC in the last five years) who has demonstrated excellent leadership techniques by leading innovative new routes, exploring historic trails and peaks, or developing important new traditions. Therefore by virtue of the frequency and variety of the trips led or co-led shows great promise as a regular and frequent future leader for the HPS. This is not an annual award but is given only as a new leader qualifies by virtue his/her auspicious record. This award is named the Bill T Russell New Leader Award in honor of Bill T Russell, who has mentored countless new leaders, has led some of the most exciting and innovative routes, and has been instrumental in developing multiple routes such as the annual Iron Mountain climb, the Galena to Birch extravaganza, and his exploration of the ridges, truly giving meaning to the term "Pathfinder."