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It contains material that may be useful for future reference.

Historical Language
A.1. Bill T Russell New Leader Award
Added December 14, 1995 The Bill T Russell New Leader Award is to be given in recognition of an outstanding new leader (a leader who has completed LTC in the last five years) who has demonstrated excellent leadership techniques by leading innovative new routes, exploring historic trails and peaks, or developing important new traditions. Therefore by virtue of the frequency and variety of the trips led or co-led shows great promise as a regular and frequent future leader for the HPS. This is not an annual award but is given only as a new leader qualifies by virtue his/her auspicious record. This award is named the Bill T Russell New Leader Award in honor of Bill T Russell, who has mentored countless new leaders, has led some of the most exciting and innovative routes, and has been instrumental in developing multiple routes such as the annual Iron Mountain climb, the Galena to Birch extravaganza, and his exploration of the ridges, truly giving meaning to the term "Pathfinder."

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