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Walbrecht Peak
(Proposed Addition to HPS List)


Location: Kern County, about 25 miles north of Mojave, 140 miles from Los Angeles


Auto Club: Kern County
Topo: Pinyon Mtn 7½

Nearby Peaks: Butterbredt Peak, Mayan Peak, Skinner Peak, Piute Peak, Weldon Peak


Distance: 7 miles round trip on motorcycle trail and cross-country
Gain: 1,700' plus 400' on return
Time: 4 hours round trip
Rating: Class 2, moderate
Navigation: Moderate
Leader Rating: "I", normal conditions

Original: George Wysup, March 2002

Note: This route has been visually inspected from the summit and from the highway, but has not yet been climbed.


  • From Mojave, drive north on Hwy. 14 for 19.5 miles to Jawbone Canyon Road on the left. Turn left. Note your odometer and go as follows:
  • At 4.1 miles, pavement ends.
  • At 6.3 miles, fork. Go right.
  • At 11.9 miles, fork to the right. Keep straight.
  • At 13.8 miles, the road turns west and goes over a saddle.
  • At 15.1 miles, the road goes over another saddle. This is Hoffman Summit, the parking spot for Butterbredt Peak.
  • At 18.1 miles, fork. Keep right.
  • At 18.4 miles, fork. Turn right.
  • At 23.7 miles, the pavement begins. The Pacific Crest Trail (PCT) crosses the road at the top of a hill. Park here.


  • From the parking area (4963'), hike southeast along a motorcycle trail.
  • Continue east along the ridge when the motorcycle trail leaves the ridge.
  • Continue to the summit, going around obstacles on the north side of the ridge.
  • The register can is at the top of the southernmost rock outcrop.


Distance: 2 miles round trip cross-country
Gain: 1000'
Time: 2 hours round trip
Rating: Class 2, easy
Navigation: Moderate
Leader Rating: "I", normal conditions
Route: All cross-country desert terrain with some steep portions

Original: Byron Prinzmetal, March 2002


Continue from the Route 1 driving directions:
  • At 24.9 miles, a dirt road goes sharply to the right. This is the trailhead for Mayan Peak.
  • 4WD vehicles turn east (right) on SC123. Reset your odometer.
  • Drive east 2.0 miles on SC123 to a road junction with SC124. Continue straight on SC123.
  • At 2.7 miles (approx): find a spot to turn left off the road. Park here. Limited parking.
  • You may continue about ¼ mile further east to a road junction that offers more parking.

Note: SC123 is a one lane road with deep sand in spots, and with numerous dips and "whoop-de-dos". You must park off the road.


  • From the parking area (5200'), hike south straight up the sandy slope, aiming for a saddle between two large rock outcrops (neither is the summit).
  • Continue around the south side of the western outcrop to the summit area. The high point is an obvious class 5 boulder.
  • Turn right (west) aiming for the two large rock outcroppings about a tenth of a mile away at the far west end of the summit plateau about 50 meters south of class 5 boulder.
  • The register can is at the top of the southernmost rock outcrop.


The junction of SC123 and Kelso Valley Road can be reached from the north via Walker Pass as follows:

  • Set your odometer at 0.0 at the intersection of highway 14 and 178 heading west toward Walker Pass.
  • You pass Walker Pass at 8.5, continue straight.
  • You pass Walker Pass campground at 9.6, continue straight.
  • Pass Onyx General Store at 27.4, continue straight.
  • At 29.4 turn south (left) at South Fork Rd.
  • At 29.6 turn south (left) onto Kelso Creek Rd.
  • At 34.0 merge into Kelso Valley Rd, continue south.
  • At 40.2 continue straight past Bird Spring Pass Rd (turn off to Skinner Peak from the west.)
  • Pass Piute Mtn Rd on your right (turn off to Piute Peak, Weldon Peak, etc.)
  • At 47.3 turn east (left) onto SC123. This is the turnoff for Mayan Peak.
  • At 49.5 junction with SC123 and SC124. Continue straight on SC123.
  • At 50.4 you reach a saddle where there is room for five or six cars to park.

You can also reach this point by driving north from Mojave to Jawbone Canyon Rd, turn west and drive 11.9 to the eastern end of SC 123. You turn right (north) on SC123. The parking place is 6.4 rough, very sandy roller coaster miles from this spot.

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  • 08-11-2002-BP corrected some misspelling.

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Published 12-August-2002
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