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Alamo Mountain

(UTM 206376)

Location: Ventura County, about 10 miles southwest of Gorman, 77 miles from Los Angeles


Auto Club: Ventura County
Forest Service: Los Padres National Forest: Mt Pinos, Ojai and Santa Barbara Ranger Districts
Topo: Alamo Mountain 7½

Nearby Peaks: McDonald Peak, Sewart Mountain, Snowy Peak, Black Mountain #2, Cobblestone Mountain, White Mountain #2


(USFS Adventure Pass Required)
Distance: 2 miles r.t. cross-country through forest
Gain: 450'
Time: 1 hour r.t.
Rating: Class 1, Easy
Navigation: Easy
Leader Rating: "O"

Original: Tom Hill, June 2001


  • Go north on I-5 to the town of Gorman. Get off on the signed Gorman exit.
  • Turn left at the bottom of the off ramp and go under the freeway.
  • Go 0.1 miles to Peace Valley Road. Turn right.
  • Go 1 mile to the entrance to Hungry Valley Recreation Area on your left (paved). Turn left. If the entrance station is manned, you can avoid payment of the fee by telling the State Park employee that you are passing through to Alamo Mountain. Note your odometer and go as follows:
  • At 7.8 miles, intersection. Turn right (west) toward "Piru Creek", signed.
  • At 12.2 miles, improved car camping area on right, with toilets. Often used as a meeting point.
  • At 12.4 miles, Piru Creek Crossing. There is a seasonal gate just past this stream crossing.
  • At 14.4 miles, the pavement ends.
  • At 18.8 miles, fork to the left. Keep right.
  • At 18.9 miles, junction with the Alamo Mountain Road. Turn left. (To the right leads to Twin Pines Campground and Alamo Mountain Route 2.) Note your odometer again and go as follows:
  • At 3.3 miles, fork immediately beyond a small road cut through the ridge. Turn right. (To the left leads to McDonald Peak and the Iron Pipe Gate trailhead for the Cobblestone group of peaks.)
  • At 4.5 miles, the road reaches its highest point at a shallow ridge south of the peak. Park here.


  • From the parking area at the shallow ridge (7,020'), hike north along the crest of a gentle ridge, keeping the western drop off visible to your left to simplify navigation in this easy terrain.
  • After passing over a couple of small bumps the steeper summit area becomes visible. The register is found on a small rocky outcrop north of the more dramatic rock structures, and is the easternmost of the two highest summit bumps.


(USFS Adventure Pass Required)
Distance: 3 miles r. t. on road and use trail
Gain: 850'
Time: 1½ hour r.t.
Rating: Class 1, Easy
Navigation: Easy
Leader Rating: "O"

Original: Warren E. Von Pertz


  • Follow Driving Route 1 to the junction with Alamo Mountain Road at 18.9 miles. Turn right.
  • At 19.3 miles, junction. Turn sharp left.
  • At 19.7 miles, Twin Pines Campground. Park here.


  • From the parking area in the campground (6620'), hike back up the road 0.1 miles to where an old road goes up to the left. Follow this road up to where it crosses the top of the ridge.
  • Turn right on the ridge and follow it past a rock outcrop on the first bump to a rock outcrop on the second bump. The register is located on the top of this second rocky outcrop.


Twin Pines Campground has a toilet but no other facilities.

Contact the USFS at (661) 245-3731 for information about the status of the seasonal gate at the Piru Creek crossing.

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Hundred Peaks Section, Angeles Chapter, Sierra Club
Published 23-Jun-2002
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