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John Muir founded the Sierra Club in 1892 with 182 like-minded members, and immediately the Club set out to protect America's pristine forests and wild areas. 

For over a century, the Sierra Club has played a key role in protecting more than 132 million acres in America's national park and wilderness areas.

To achieve its conservation goals, the Sierra Club works aggressively to influence policies and decisions affecting the environment of North America and the rest of the world.

As issues broaden, the Sierra Club's goals broaden.  John Muir never worried about ozone depletion or acid rain, yet these problems now threaten the parks and wilderness areas he and early Club members helped protect. Environmental issues start in our backyard and reach around the planet: global warming and the protection of tropical rainforests are now major concerns.

The Sierra Club's theme remains unchanged: "To explore, enjoy, and protect the wild places of the earth, to practice and promote the responsible use of the earth's ecosystems and resources, to educate and enlist humanity to protect and restore the quality of the natural and human environment, and to use all lawful means to carry out these objectives."

The Angeles Chapter of the Sierra Club welcomes your participation in its 91th year of involvement in the enjoyment and protection of our planet's environment.  The Angeles Chapter spans Los Angeles and Orange Counties in Southern California, has 50,000 of the Sierra Club's 700,000 members, many hard working volunteers and staff, 16 regional groups, and 32 recreational sections and committees.

By becoming involved in environmentalism, you can be a part of the protection and restoration of nature's balance by working for campaigns that have local, regional, national, and global environmental impact, as well as increasingly walking the talk in your home and lifestyle.

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Angeles Chapter HQ Office
3435 Wilshire Blvd #320
Los Angeles, CA  90010-1904
phone:  213-387-4287
fax:   213-387-5383

Orange County Office
230 E 17th St, Ste 206
Costa Mesa, CA  92627
phone:   949-631-3140
fax:   949-631-3129

Email Contacts:
newcomers@angeles.sierraclub.org --
Newcomer Outings Questions
membership@angeles.sierraclub.org -- Membership Questions
outings@angeles.sierraclub.org -- Outings Questions
conservation@angeles.sierraclub.org -- Conservation Questions/Concerns
environmental911@sierraclub.org-- Environmental 911
donations@angeles.sierraclub.org -- Gifts, Donations, etc.

hln@angeles.sierraclub.org -- Home Lobbying Network
speakers@angeles.sierraclub.org -- Speakers' Bureau
addresschanges@angeles.sierraclub.org -- Member Address Changes
info@angeles.sierraclub.org -- Other Questions
orangecounty@angeles.sierraclub.org -- Orange County Office Questions
webmaster@angeles.sierraclub.org   -- Web Site Concerns / New Feature Suggestions


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