What To Expect At A Childcare Centre In Morayfield?

January 25, 2021 0 Comments

Morayfield Early Childhood Centre (ECC) is a fully licensed private childcare centre in Morayfield that offers a number of different childcare services. The centre offers a full range of different activities for kids to engage in while they are learning. This centre prides itself in being a first rate centre for pre-school, nursery and kindergarten education for kids. The centre also offers special care for those from birth through to 12 months old, including after school programs as well. The centre prides itself on being flexible when it comes to meeting the individual needs of families, which means that everyone in the centre can access the education that they need.

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The childcare services offered at the Morayfield Early Childhood Centre (ECC) include: Early Childhood Education, Preschool, Infant and Toddler Daycare, Summer Hours, Welcome Week, Yoga on Ice, Art & Crafts, Creative Learning, Special Educational Activities, Family Centres and Day Care. The childcare services offered by the Morayfield Early Childhood Centre (ECC) are not only designed for babies and toddlers, but also address the needs of kids who are attending pre-school, or who are going into pre-school, or are entering kindergarten. The centre prides itself in its ability to serve the entire family. There are designated areas for babies and toddler, and art rooms that will help kids develop their fine motor skills, as well as their cognitive skills and their visual and auditory development. There are also a variety of different programs and extracurricular activities for kids of all ages.


The Morayfield Early Childhood Centre (ECC) prides itself on having the capacity to help the kids in the area to grow up well. For parents who would like to give their children a great start in life, the Morayfield Early Childhood Centre (ECC) can be extremely helpful. If you live in the area, the ECC is one of the best places to get your child enrolled in a great early childhood education program.