Charleston Veterinary Clinic

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charleston veterinary clinic

The Animal Hospital, located in North Charleston, South Carolina, is a modern veterinary in charleston sc clinic that offers top quality veterinary care. This full service veterinary facility has a family-friendly atmosphere. It is a member of the American Veterinary Medical Association and provides a wide range of services for both pets and owners.

Whether you need to have your pet vaccinated, spayed, or neutered, the veterinary team at the Animal Hospital will provide the best care for you and your pet. They also offer preventative care and education. You can feel comfortable knowing that the doctors are compassionate and caring.

Having a physical exam is important to find out how your pet is doing. A good charleston veterinary clinic will provide a thorough exam to let you know if your pet needs any further tests. If your pet has an intestinal parasite, a stool sample can be collected to test for deworming. Also, a fecal test can be done to determine whether or not your pet has a bladder infection. In addition, the staff can help you make a plan to keep your pet healthy and happy.

Senior Pet Care: What Your Aging Pet Needs from a Charleston Veterinarian

The Animal Hospital also helps local charities. For example, they work with the Aiken SPCA and Rescue K9 Shelter. Getting your pet checked is easy at the Animal Hospital. When you bring your pet in, you must always have them on a leash.

The Animal Hospital is a full-service animal hospital that caters to the needs of pets in Dorchester and Berkeley counties. They also serve pets from surrounding areas, including Hilton Head and Mount Pleasant.

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