Employment Law and Recruitment in France

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Recruitment in France

French labour law stipulates that employers should not ask candidates about their criminal records, with few exceptions. Some exceptions include bank employees, security guards, and jobs with children. Otherwise, they can ask for the “extract no. 3” of their criminal record, which lists the most serious crimes they’ve committed. The good news is that it’s completely public information, which makes French employers feel safer hiring foreigners. Moreover, credit scores do not exist in France, which makes it easier for employers to assess a candidate’s suitability.

Security Jobs That Require Sensitive Information

Agence d’interim in France have a shortage of workers. This is mainly due to a mismatch between the skills available and the needs of the businesses. There are large shortages in the IT sector, health and engineering sectors. The freight transport industry also faces a shortage of workers, with lorry drivers alone numbering up to 40-50 thousand. Meanwhile, the manufacturing, agricultural, and mining sectors all have surplus workers. Therefore, candidates with the right skills can find jobs in France.

Depending on the type of position and level of experience, French employment law has various rules and regulations regarding hiring foreign workers. As a foreign employer, you are not required to set up a local entity to hire workers. Nevertheless, you must register with the French social security office in Strasbourg, which is uniquely qualified to handle such matters. The law also limits background checks to strictly necessary verifications of the candidate’s qualifications. Criminal background checks are permitted only in certain occupations, such as security jobs that require sensitive information. Credit background checks are not allowed in France, and they are not permitted.

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