Everything You Need To Know About Fully Automatic Nerf Guns

October 8, 2021 0 Comments

If you have kids, then you know how much they love Nerf. They always end up trying out Nerf balls and when they aren’t satisfied with the usual air-powered to nerf balls, they go and get real nerf guns that shoot dart-like balls in all directions. For many kids nerf wars are on every corner of their living rooms and kitchen tables. However, there are many adults who also love Nerf as much or maybe even more than kids do. There are several fully automatic Nerf guns available today that is ideal not only for children but also adults.

How to Know About Fully Automatic Nerf Guns

These fully automatic nerf guns can be loaded with one of eight different types of ammo types. If you are playing indoors or just inside the house, the type of ammo that the gun uses would depend on whether it is outdoors or indoors. In both cases, the ammo types used would be different. For outdoor situations, the ammo would be heavier and would fly further; whereas, for indoors situations, the ammo would be lighter and propel at greater speed.

The fully automatic nerf guns that come with the airsoft accessories are easy to use even without a box of cartridges. You just need to load them with one of the eight different types of ammo and pull the trigger to fire. It would take approximately three to four seconds to load all the eight ammo types in the gun. However, even with the short loading time, it would still be less than the time it would take to reload a regular airsoft gun with the normal ammo. So when you are out hunting or just doing target practice, be sure to load your fully automatic nerf gun with the appropriate ammo type and use it with ease.

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