In many cases a diesel tuning | Willys Workshop engine can be improved through the process of tuning, this is referred to as ECU remapping. This is a technical process that can provide immense improvements to the performance of your vehicle, including better fuel economy, enhanced power, reduced turbo lag, and lower EGTs. Our diesel mechanics in OKC can perform a remap for your vehicle to unlock its full potential.

The stock diesel engine isn’t optimized to operate as cleanly or efficiently as possible, and it’s programmed in a one-size-fits-all manner that works well for the manufacturers. But it’s not optimal for the end user, which can result in poor fuel economy and an overall harder working engine that may need repairs more often.

Tune In to Power: The Impact of Tuners on Diesel Performance

Diesel engine tunes, also known as remaps, improve the air/fuel mix by modifying a diesel engines sensor inputs and output. This results in a smoother torque curve, increased horsepower and more. A remap or tuner can be used on all diesel vehicles, from cars to commercial trucks and even semis.

A diesel module (also called a chip) plugs in between your truck’s ECM and one or more of its engine sensors, and manipulates the signal to alter its output. This can increase power, reduce boost pressure, and is a cheaper option than a tuner because the chip can be removed and reinstalled when needed.

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