Warehouses are high-traffic areas that need a durable floor surface. They are also often used for heavy items, so they must be able to withstand the weight of forklifts and other equipment. The right commercial flooring will help the building owner save on energy and maintenance costs, as well as increase safety and functionality for employees and equipment alike. Find out https://warehouse-flooring.uk/

The best option for a warehouse is to choose an epoxy or polished concrete floor coating. Both of these options are extremely long-lasting and incredibly durable. They can withstand the forklift loads that are typical of warehouses, and they look nice too.

Bringing Light to the Floor: Incorporating Reflective Flooring for Enhanced Visibility

A polished concrete floor can even benefit a warehouse by helping to control dust. When water evaporates from unpolished concrete, it leaves behind water-soluble salts that create a process known as dusting. This can delaminate epoxies, toppings and other coatings on the concrete. Polishing the concrete eliminates this problem by densifying the surface, which makes it stain- and chemical-resistant.

Another great option for warehouse floors is Swisstrax modular flooring systems. These are installed in hours instead of days, so they won’t disrupt daily warehouse operations. They are also highly slip-resistant and can be designed to create highlighted walkways and featured functional areas.

If you need more space in your warehouse, a mezzanine floor is an excellent solution. These free-standing structures can be built over your existing warehouse floor, and they are made of metal to ensure that they are safe and stable for your team.

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