What is an irlen Test?

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irlen test

The Urlena or the Urtica eye test is often recommended as a follow up to routine eye examinations. There are many factors that can affect an individual’s vision and one of these factors can be the eyeball blood tests. The most common areas, which the eye can become infected by is the upper and middle area of the eyelid and the middle and lower area of the cornea. The veins which drain the blood from the eye to the brain can also be infected, for instance, the spleen, tonsils, and gallbladder. All these areas can cause the eye to develop red blood cells, which in turn can cause symptoms of an idle test.



An iron test is performed to detect problems with the irlen test that drain blood from the eye. If the vessels are inflamed, the red blood cells can get blocked in the vessels and will prevent the proper drainage of the blood from the eye. This could lead to irlen or erythema around the affected area of the eye. Sometimes, if there are no idle test symptoms, it could be because the person may be experiencing some other eye problem. It is therefore important to visit a doctor if there is any doubt or fear that the eye is infected.


During the test, a dye is injected into the eye and it is this dye which will help the doctor to differentiate whether the red blood is infected or not. If the eye’s red blood cells are infected, then the eyelids will start to flake and will turn dark red; whereas, if it is clear that the eyes are healthy, the eye lids will not flake and will turn pink.

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